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LMI Chemical Metering Pumps:

Electronic Chemical Metering Pump

Electronic Chemical Metering Pump Offering a robust design, control options and improved electro-magnetics to meet all flow / pressure ratings. The pumps are available for applications up to 250 psi with capacities between .001 and 2.0 GPH.......... More.

Specialized Chemical Metering Pumps

Specialized Chemical Metering Pump It meets or exceeds all standards for Class I, Division I, Groups C and D; Class II, Division I, Groups E, F and G. The rugged, urethane coated, cast housing and encapsulated electronics provide excellent chemical resistance and long life.........More.

Motor Driven Electronic Chemical Metering Pump

Motor driven Metering Pump The drive incorporates a variable eccentic design which ensures smooth output and reduces system shock. The mechanically actuated diaphragm reduces the possibility of hydraulic oil contamination of process liquid which makes this an ideal pump for water treatment applications.........More.